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You can see that it is not at all surprising that we need to be much more careful during the change of seasons than in the depths of winter, since we become chilled much more quickly when the body is still attuned to the warmth of sunny autumn days. There­fore, do not be tempted to sit down to your work in the morning without having taken some vigorous exercise previously. Do not despise the idea of making your own bed or tidying up your room in the morning. Even this exercise will warm you up. Again, do not just hop in the car or let the bus or train take you to your place of work. It is much better for you if you can walk or bicycle to work. If you live in an area where snow falls, enjoy the new day by shovelling snow in the fresh air. You will afterwards appreciate the warmth of your room, and it is true that brain work is much easier after brisk exercise and deep-breathing, which invigorates and promotes good circulation. You can also warm up in a natural way by doing early morning exercises and deep-breath­ing in front of an open window, and by giving yourself a good brush massage. Exhaling vigorously rids the body of waste gases and deep inhalation saturates the lungs with oxygen. This is par­ticularly important in discouraging the conditions that favour colds.

If you do have a tendency to catch colds, make sure to eat plenty of foods rich in calcium, because the body is more susceptible when it lacks calcium; especially during the change of seasons, take a biological calcium preparation (Urticalcin) as well. The veins should not be overlooked either, so that the circulation remains unimpaired. Heed this advice and you will acquire more resistance to the common cold and related afflictions.
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People in sedentary occupations suffer to a much greater extent from cold feet than those whose work allows them plenty of activity and movement. If you have inherited sluggish circulation, you will feel the cold even more; even overheated rooms will not seem to be warm enough for you. Of course, heating does not make up for the lack of exercise and unless the feet are covered with warm stockings and adequate shoes, they will be cold. Moreover, if you leave an overheated room inadequately clothed and go out into the cool, damp air, the body will react to this drastic drop in temperature and become chilled, with an adverse effect on the mucous membranes. And there you have the best precondition for the development of the germs that cause colds, coughs, head colds, catarrh, pneumonia and other infections. So, never seek to make up for a lack of body heat by overheating the rooms; instead, wear warm clothing, take some exercise and try to improve the circulation. Once we become used to the cold, we will be much less susceptible to colds.
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