Eaters are sensual people—far more so than noneaters. After all, eating can only be described as a highly sensual experience. While we may not acknowledge this trait of ours, this life energy tends to frighten us. This sensuality is so intense and often so awesome that we often eat not only to satisfy our need but also to mask it, both from ourselves and from others.
Eaters are high-energy people, creative people, striving people. We eat out of frustration, because our power and energy are so scattered and unfocused. If we haven’t found our creative avenue, we turn to food. Or we eat to ease off a high, typically after an achievement—after our creativity is spent—to fill the void that comes with accomplishment, the empty space of “what’s next?”
Eaters are wanters. And we want what we want when we want it, and we want it all right now. “More, more, more. . . . Give me more.” Too much is never enough. If something is good, more is better. The closest star is never good enough. We’ve got to have the star farthest away. We’re never satisfied. For most of us, if we don’t have what we want right now, we think the world will explode. Eaters are not patient people.
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