Our respect for each other is based on other things.” Being entertainers, they also have much in common and are in agreement about most everything—politics, art, and philosophy.

Both claim that their sex life is as good today as it was in the beginning. Even better, because they both appreciate all the years of hard work each has put into the relationship. That aspect, plus their years of other accumulated positive experiences and trust, continues to enrich and intensify their love-making in a way that their initial passion did not—and indeed could not.

There were trouble spots along the way, but Todd and Charlotte worked through them rather than give up. For example, several times during their marriage, Todd had brief affairs. While another woman might have sued for divorce, Charlotte stuck with it. “I could always tell when Todd was having an affair,” she said. “He wouldn’t be able to look me in the eyes when we were having sex, and under questioning he would admit he had slept with a woman. At first I’d be pissed. Then I’d realize that Todd was a handsome man and that women were always coming on to him, and that it was only human for him to give in once in a while. I also knew that he wouldn’t have given in to temptation at all if things were good between us. In fact, two of the times he had affairs were when I had just given birth and had stopped paying attention to him. I had become almost totally involved in my child and oblivious to Todd.


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