People in sedentary occupations suffer to a much greater extent from cold feet than those whose work allows them plenty of activity and movement. If you have inherited sluggish circulation, you will feel the cold even more; even overheated rooms will not seem to be warm enough for you. Of course, heating does not make up for the lack of exercise and unless the feet are covered with warm stockings and adequate shoes, they will be cold. Moreover, if you leave an overheated room inadequately clothed and go out into the cool, damp air, the body will react to this drastic drop in temperature and become chilled, with an adverse effect on the mucous membranes. And there you have the best precondition for the development of the germs that cause colds, coughs, head colds, catarrh, pneumonia and other infections. So, never seek to make up for a lack of body heat by overheating the rooms; instead, wear warm clothing, take some exercise and try to improve the circulation. Once we become used to the cold, we will be much less susceptible to colds.
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