After emptying the bowels (1-2 x day) wash affected area with dead water, allow to dry (about 5 minutes) and apply cotton wool soaked with living water. In the case of internal haemorrhoids a small enema of dead water is administered (50-100ml) for about five minutes. Afterwards a living water enema is administered for approximately half an hour. At the beginning of the treatment drink 150 ml of dead water on an empty stomach and 250 ml of living water two hours later. Afterwards continue to drink living water every 4 hours, always half an hour before a meal.


Water: bathe affected areas twice daily, first with dead water for about ten minutes and follow up after about five minutes with living water. The treatment of herpes should continue daily for about three weeks even after it disappears, otherwise the condition will appear again. Clothes, linen and footwear infected with herpes must be disinfected with dead water.

Urine: used as compresses, drinking fresh urine and a few drops under the tongue.

Herbs: used in oils or ointments to be applied topically at the first signs of a cold sore. St. John’s wort calendula, chickweed or aloe-vera gel.

Spice: a little powdered turmeric is mixed with the juice from half a squeezed lime and a little water to make a smooth paste. Put directly onto herpes lesions.

Essential oils: use a combination of the following oils . German chamomile , geranium, lavender, tea tree, lemon and mix together. Moisten a cotton bud with water, then put 1 drop of the blend directly on to the cold sore.

Kombucha: for the lips apply kombucha tea frequently at the first signs. For genitals have a kombucha bath, douche frequently with kombucha.


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