Lips need protection just like the rest of the face. Lack of vitamin B can be the cause of lips being very dry or peeling excessively. Increase vitamin B foods such as oatmeal, wheatgerm, yeast, eggs, yoghurt, and goat’s milk and apply a lip salve.

Cold “weather, wind-bum or sunburn often leave lips very sore and rough. You can make a quick lotion by mixing 2 drops of sage oil with ltbsp. of honey, and apply it frequently.

Bee’s Wax: is used as a lip balm. Yellow bee’s wax straight from the hive or white bee’s wax can be used. Apply to lips whenever you are out in the sun or wind too long. Rub a little onto your lips, it keeps them moist and soft.

Cucumber: use for a natural Chap Stick to lubricate dry lips. Take an unpeeled cucumber, wipe it off, pucker up your lips, then just run the skin surface slowly across them in a back and-forth motion.

Lip Salve for Chapped Lips

Bee’s wax 30 g, olive oil 30 ml, wheatgerm oil 30 ml, calendula oil 0.5 ml, essential oils 3 drops. Melt bee’s wax and oils together, stir until the mixture cools. Then add essential oils.

Lip Gloss

Bee’s wax 7 g, olive oil 40 ml, rose water 20 ml, calendula oil 10 ml essential oils 3 drops.

Melt bee’s wax and oils together, add warmed rose water stirring continually until the mixture cools before adding essential oils.

Oral Sores

Fresh papaya leaves are chewed for oral sores. For external sores or wounds the leaves are tied to the affected areas. Cold sores around the lips and inside the mouth are rapidly cleared by sucking on papaya tablets. Cold sores

Water: bathe affected areas twice daily, first with dead water for about ten minutes then follow after about five minutes with living water. (See also skin disorders).

Herbs: apply fresh aloe vera gel.

Essential oils: can be used singularly or as a combination of bergamot, eucalyptus, cajeput, niaouli, geranium, lemon, melissa and tea tree. These oils often prevent the viruses from replicating. Oils are best applied in the form of an ointment or diluted in alcohol and dabbed directly onto the cold sore.

Kombucha: apply kombucha tea using a cotton bud, repeat frequently.


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