Cancer only happens to the elderly

Cancer can affect anyone at any age, even newborn infants. It is more common in the elderly, as cells become weaker as we age. This may be avoided if you keep your body in good condition with harmonious living techniques. However, we can all be affected by cancer, as there are many different causes and precursors that are not predetermined by age. We must be aware at any age.

Cancer is always a death sentence

In the past many cancers were deadly, as successful treatment was unknown. Today, cancer is becoming easier to detect and thus early treatment can be commenced. Advanced methods of treatment and a greater understanding of the causes of cancer also improves our chances to beat it. Even though cancer is becoming more common every year, more people are recovering every year. There is a vast array of options and useful information out there to assist in beating this modern-day illness. Natural methods of healing are also proving extremely successful in reversing cancerous growths.

Cancer only happens to negative, depressed people

Some of the happiest, most relaxed people in the world develop cancer. Our environment is becoming more toxic every year, radiation levels are increasing and additives in foods pop up everywhere. We are continually exposed to a deadly concoction of toxins, including car fumes, fluoride in drinking water and cigarette smoke, to name just a few. However, negative emotions can weaken the immune system, which will increase the possibility of developing cancer. Many people are simply negative or pessimistic by nature and venture through their entire lives without developing cancer. However, a positive attitude definitely plays a strong role in cancer prevention.

Cancer Prevention

Prevention is the most important tool we have in our fight against cancer. Some cancers are preventable, this is a proven fact. However, it can be difficult to prevent something if we do not know what actually causes it. Cancer is a condition in which cells grow abnormally. We do know that certain conditions lead to the onset and development of cancer. So how do we keep our cells in a healthy state and prevent toxins/carcinogens from affecting our cells and causing cancer?

Following a healthy lifestyle, incorporating a wholesome diet rich in antioxidants and regular exercise, with a positive attitude and stress-free living is a great way to start. Avoiding known carcinogens or cancer causing agents is very important.

It is difficult to completely avoid stress as we live in such a fast-paced society that a degree of stress is required, in order to live adequately. However, we can learn techniques to enable us to deal with and release stress much more effectively. One of the most important preventative tools is to avoid excess in your life. An excess of anything can lead to stress on your body’s cells, which will eventually lead to the onset of disease and possibly cancer.


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