The doctor will ask a great many questions at your first check-up in order to learn every detail of your health background. In subsequent periodic check-ups, your doctor will want particularly to learn if any serious illness, such as cancer, tuberculosis, heart trouble, or diabetes, has shown any symptoms. Some doctors use a computerized method of history-taking where you sit before a computer-driven typewriter which types out questions and you, in turn, type single-letter replies for yes or no. It is really very easy and there is a specially trained sister on hand to explain the method to you and help if necessary. The computer does not make a diagnosis, but merely provides the doctor with a list of questions and answers about your health. The doctor, by looking at the list, can then concentrate on the things that are worrying you. In other words, by doing some preliminary questioning the computer has given you and the doctor more time to get down to the real purpose of your medical consultation. Computers will never replace doctors; they just help the doctor to do his job more efficiently.


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