As a boy goes through puberty, he also starts to grow hair on his face. His moustache, sideburns and beard begin to develop. The first of this facial hair doesn’t usually appear until a boy’s sex organs are fairly well-developed, usually during Stage 4 of genital development. The average boy will develop his first facial hair between the ages of 14 and 16. A few boys, though, will notice this hair before they’re 13, and some don’t get any until they’re 19 or 20.

Usually, the first facial hairs will appear at the outer corners of your upper lip. In the beginning, they may be only slightly dark in colour and there will be only a few of them. As you get older, they will get deeper in colour and there will be more of them. Your moustache will gradually fill out, growing from the outer corners towards the middle of your lips. At about the same time that your moustache is growing in, hairs usually begin to grow on the upper part of your cheeks and just below the centre of your lower lip. Your sideburns may also grow at this time.

As you continue to mature, your facial hair will get thicker and darker. Your beard and moustache may be the same colour as the hair on your head or they may be a ‘different colour. You may find that by the age of 18 your beard and moustache are as full and thick as they’re ever going to be. However, many men don’t develop their full facial hair until ten years after they have completed puberty and reached their full adult height. Many a man finds that he can grow a thick beard or a bushy moustache and sideburns at the age of 30, even though he had hardly any facial hair when he was in his teens or early twenties.


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